Tiffany Forte' II Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

"I’m Tiffany Forte, The Incredible Coach who notoriously chants “size doesn’t matter” to motivate Black Women and Women of Color to go after their fitness goals with zero limitations. Clients rely on my EPOC interval training approach to pump up their inner strength, flex a positive mindset, and crush their life goals."

With the media force-feeding you its perception of the “perfect” body, it can be hard to know what fit actually means. And contrary to popular belief, being sculpted and skinny doesn’t equal being fit. You see, being fit is about much more than looking sexy in your clothes. After all, you can look good and still be unhealthy. 

Oh hey, before I go any further… I’m Tiffany Forte’, personal trainer and founder of Fit and Female Activewear. I created the Fit and Female Active brand to motivate black women  and women of color to get active, build their confidence, and feel good from the inside out. Now, I want you to know that my brand is about so much more than just getting fit. It’s an uprising of women of color who are committed to working to achieve our goals and striving to achieve the body and confidence we want – not what society pushes on us. Sound like you? Then, YOU belong here.

While being an Arkansan girl at heart, I’ve traveled the country as an entrepreneur to learn how to start and grow a business that can impact women’s lives across our communities. When you become an Active Woman, a member of Fit and Female Active, you’re not just a face in the crowd or just another customer. I want to get to know you! Shoot me an email or slide in m DMs @iamfitandfemale and say HI! 

So, if you are looking to shop with a brand that was made just for you, one that has incredible customer service, clothes that are comfortable, high quality items, and a 5 star rating, I gladly welcome you to join the Active Women Community!