Tiffany Forte' II Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

Oh hey Sis, I’m Tiffany Forte’, personal trainer and founder of Fit and Female Activewear and Fit and Female Fitness Program. I created the Fit and Female brand to motivate black women and women of color to get active, build their confidence, feel good from the inside out, and most importantly, see themselves reflected in the brands they shop. After being an athlete since high school, graduating college and then starting a personal training career in 2012, there’s one undeniable thing I’ve noticed: As black women, we need to take up far more space in the fitness industry and continue to strive to make our health a priority; and I launched Fit and Female to do my part in ensuring we do both. Now, I want you to know that my brand is about so much more than just getting fit. It’s an uprising of women of color who are committed to working to achieve our goals and striving to achieve the body and confidence we want – not what society pushes on us. Sound like you? Then, YOU belong here.

While being an Arkansan girl at heart, I’ve traveled the country as an entrepreneur to learn how to start and grow a business that can impact women’s lives across our communities. My husband and best friend in life, Terrence Forte’, owns Forte’ Fitography, and plays a supportive role on my journey to help women attain the best fitness experience of their lives. When you become a member of Fit and Female, you’re not just a face. I get to know every last one of my clients on a personal level and push them to that place of being uncomfortable. After all, that’s where real change happens.

I hope you LOVE every garment and thank you for your support, Tiff