About Us

OUR STORY: Fit and Female Activewear is a proud Female Black Owned Fitness Apparel & Wellness Lifestyle Brand established August 2020. Birthed out of the lack of black female representation in the fitness community and the high levels of health related risks in Black and Brown Communities. Founder & Fitness Enthusiast Tiffany Forte' created her own company, to bridge the gap between Black Women & Women of Color's Culture and their health to inspire a healthier lifestyle.

WHO WE ARE: A fitness, lifestyle and apparel brand that is seeking to provide more positive images of Black Women and Women of Color taking better care of our health and showing practical ways she can become more active living in comfortable, durable, & stylish activewear.

OUR MISSION: To become the everyday well-rounded fitness brand that speaks directly to Black Women & Women of Color and combines the culture she represents with fitness and health in a way that she can relate to.

OUR MANTRA: Live Actively- Loving the life you live in and out of the gym.